Little Update

Rough couple of weeks with ‘The Pepper House’.

For one, and this will sound weird if you aren’t a writer yourself, but Kate and I had a disagreement.  I had finished up this glorious scene, or at least I thought, where she and Jacob connect for the first time.

With another chapter under my belt and feeling like I was cresting the hill of writers block that had been torturing me the last couple of weeks, I decided I’d go for a walk and get some fresh air.  Put my earbuds in and listen to music and allow the camera to bounce on my hip.

I was ecstatic.  My two love interests had finally met, and it was looking good.

Then Kate decides she doesn’t’ want to meet Jacob at her work, but his.

Damn if it didn’t make more sense.  After all, their relationship is centered on photography and as such, should be the catalyst in their meeting.  It also finishes out that first act so much better than a typical meeting in a café.

So…back to the drawing board on that, but I feel pretty good about it.

Sometimes, listening to the voices in your head isn’t such a bad thing.

On another note, I’m editing and polishing a short book on advice for single parents.  The purpose is two fold.  Based on my own experiences as a single parent, I wanted to dispense come sound advice for other single parents.  I’d recently come across someone that was fresh out of a marriage and had no idea how to handle what they were going through.  We had a long talk and I found myself talking about how to go about everything other than the legalities of it.  From handling the break up to dating when they’re ready to how parents are supposed to put their kid first and work as a team…but at arm’s length.

The second reason behind taking up the side project is to practice exposure.  When I met this person, I was researching how to promote my work once it’s finished.  Being an indie author, marketing is all on me.

With the Pepper House, I want to get it right, so I’m going to be doing short stories and ebooks as I go and publishing them using various tactics on getting noticed from blogging to listing them on websites that promote independent authors.

This way, if I haven’t landed a publisher by the time I’m ready to release The Pepper House, I’ll have enough experience under my belt to do a better job selling my novel.

As always, thank you for your time and support…

Speaking of which, my next post will be about how to support those creative people you know…

Thanks again!

Much love,


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