Jacob Took A Picture

Little over a week ago, I was standing in the living room, staring at the floor.  There, spread out on index cards was a complete story.  By complete, I mean that there were three acts with plot points, twists, and a resolution that left me satisfied that it was now time to start writing the manuscript in earnest.

I posted a picture of myself with my babies to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook then kicked the Keurig into second gear.

It was time to write.

That first sentence can be a real bitch.  It’s the one that gets readers to move onto the next sentence, and it can be absolutely intimidating to write it.  I spent several hours going over ramblings and scribbles from the past five years that I’d been incubating ‘The Pepper House’, and still don’t have a first sentence.


Because I need to write an entire book, and I can come back to it when the time comes.  This has been a huge obstacle for me throughout my years and attempts to write.  It’s getting off the blocks once the gun has fired.  I have this unreasonable need to obsess on perfection when it comes to telling a story, and knowing the importance of those first few words can be paralyzing.

I did the opposite.  I wrote the worst sentence I could think of that conveyed what I was wanting it to say.  “Jacob took a picture of the Pepper House.”

Looking at it for a time, I was at the point of picking my laptop up and flinging it across the room.  Who reads the next sentence?  No one.  Who buys that book?  No one.

And I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  It was so absurd to me that it was nothing to write the second sentence and within an hour, I had chapter one.  A really rough chapter in need of a lot of red ink, but that’s a different issue for me than that first sentence.

Editing is a completely different demon that I’ll conquer later.  For now…just keep writing.

A handful of chapters and act one is done.

It’s Sunday morning, ten days in…

I got this…